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How to run 2 WhatsApp in one mobile New Trick 2023

 How to run 2 WhatsApp in one mobile New Trick 2023

How to run 2 whatsapp in one mobile

How to run 2 WhatsApp in your one mobile? Nowadays, smartphones are of dual sim, so many users want that 2 WhatsApp should also be used in 1 mobile. Today, this app has become very popular, so tricks related to it keep coming. This article will tell you how to run two WhatsApp in one smartphone. You can use two apps, one for your work and the other for your family. We are telling you some tricks and methods by which you can run two WhatsApp simultaneously in your Android mobile. So let's know what those methods are.

How to run 2 WhatsApp in one mobile

For this, you have to download another WhatsApp i.e., install the mod version of this app. Its name is GB WhatsApp, you must download it from the net as it is a mod version, so you will not find it in Play Store. First of all, you have to search by typing the latest GB WhatsApp download in your google search.

The income in the result has to be downloaded from any link. Although there are many mod versions of WhatsApp on the internet, GB WhatsApp is the best among them because of its excellent feature. There is no need to root the mobile to run this app. In this way, you can run it easily without any hindrance.

How to run 2 WhatsApp in one mobile

Features of GB WhatsApp

In this app, you get the best features like hide last seen, hide blue tick, hide second, etc. You can also use custom themes in this app. Apart from this, there are other features like

     video calling

     , voice calling

     It supports more than 100 languages.

     Broadcast message can be sent to up to 600 people at a time.

     You can write the name of your group up to 35 characters.

     You can lock your GB WhatsApp.

     More features that you can know after installing this app.

How to install GB WhatsApp

You can install GB WhatsApp like official WhatsApp but you cannot install it from Play Store. Because this is a mod version, some settings must be done in your mobile before installing it.

     Right-click on security>>Unknown sources in the setting of your mobile.

     After this you can easily install GB WhatsApp.

     Now open it and register your new mobile number (which has not been used in WhatsApp before) in it.

     After this, OTP will come. After confirming OTP, your second WhatsApp will be ready.

     In this way, you can run both WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp in your mobile.

How to run 2 WhatsApp in one mobile through app

This method is the easiest, in this you have to install an app from Play Store, the name of this app is Parallel space – multi-account. You can install it from this Play Store link. In this, apart from WhatsApp, you can create different accounts of social networks like Facebook.

How to run 2 WhatsApp in one mobile

How to run Parallel Space

     First of all install it from the above link.

     Open it after installing.

     When you click on start, some social network apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram will appear.

     Click on WhatsApp.

     Clicking on WhatsApp will open a new and similar app.

     Register your new number (which has not been used in WhatsApp before) in this app.

     Now you can use another WhatsApp as well.

How to use dual WhatsApp in one mobile by parallel app.

How can I use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on an Android phone?

To create WhatsApp accounts on their smartphones, Android users can do the following:

1- Open the settings menu.

2. Tap on parallel apps, app clones, or app twin features. The feature's name varies from smartphone to smartphone.

3. A list of apps with a toggle next to them will now appear.

4- Press the WhatsApp toggle.

5- Open the WhatsApp app with a marking by going back to the home screen.

Tap Agree to Continue.

7- Press Next after entering the second phone number.

8- An OTP for verification will now be sent to you.

To set up your dual WhatsApp account, enter your OTP and then adhere to the on-screen instructions.

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