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Checklist of the new website for AdSense request.

Checklist of the new website for AdSense request. 

It's always a good idea to refer to the official Adsense guidelines and policies for the most accurate and recent information. Here are some factors to consider for Adsense approval:

1. Eligibility:

   - Ensure that your website or blog meets the minimum requirements for Adsense approval, such as having original and regularly updated content.

   - Make sure your website adheres to Google's 

Program policies, 

Content guidelines, 

Privacy policy, 

webmaster quality guidelines.

2. User Experience:

   Design and nevigation

- Create a well-organized and user-friendly website design with easy navigation.

   Less ands and Pop Ups

   - Avoid excessive ads, pop-ups, or other elements that may negatively impact user experience.

   Loading Speed

   - Ensure your website loads quickly across different devices and browsers.

3. Quality Content:

   - Publish high-quality, original, and useful content that provides value to your audience.

   - Avoid plagiarism, copyrighted materials, or content that violates Google's policies.

   - Ensure your content is well-written, free of grammar errors, and easy to understand.

4. Website Compliance:

     Privacy Policy page

   - Have a clear and easily accessible privacy policy page that explains how you handle user data.

     Legal requirement

   - Make sure your website adheres to legal requirements and policies related to online advertising, cookies usage, and data collection.

5. Sufficient Traffic:

   - While there's no specific minimum traffic requirement, make sure your website receives some level of organic traffic before applying for Adsense. This helps demonstrate your website's legitimacy and potential for ad revenue.

6. Age and Language:

   - Adsense has specific age restrictions, so make sure the website meets the age requirements.

   - Currently, Adsense supports content in multiple languages, so the language of your website should not be a barrier to approval.

It's important to note that meeting all these criteria does not guarantee automatic approval, and the actual approval process may vary. Google evaluates each website individually, and it may take some time to receive a response after applying.

Checklist of the new website for AdSense request. Checklist of the new website for AdSense request. Reviewed by Admin team on December 14, 2023 Rating: 5


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