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How to Delete a Message thread on Instagram

 How to Delete a Message thread on Instagram

How to delete a message thread on instagram

How to Remove Instagram Threads Without Losing It

You can hide your Threads account from the internet, but Meta won't make it simple for you to delete it.

You're in for a rude awakening if you've started using Threads and found it lacking: Currently, you can't delete your Instagram account without also deleting your Thread account, despite Meta's ostensible "looking into it." That demonstrates just how intertwined Instagram and Meta's new social media platform really are. 

Yes, you get the simple setup, built-in following, and perhaps even better text-based feed than Twitter. However, despite all of its privacy-infringing regulations and existential conundrums, it is still a Meta company.

However, that does not imply that you cannot close the app or remove all of your( public-facing) data.

 Here are a few things to try out if you're finished with Threads but don't want to say goodbye to Instagram.

All of your content should be manually deleted.

You'll need to manually delete everything you've previously shared from the three-dot menu in the corner if you don't want your things to be visible to everyone. It won't be accessible to the general public or linked anywhere, at least not in that way. While you're at it, delete every personal information from your bio and all of your followers by taking them off your list of followers.

Make your profile private.

The best course of action is to make your profile private if you don't want to perform all of that manual labor but still need to delete your public posts. From there, you can remove all followers or keep it to a list of just your close friends.

To do this, tap the Menu button from the profile and go to Privacy> Private Profile, and tap the OK button.

Deactivate your profile to say goodbye for good( for now)

If you really don't want to show up on Threads at all, you'll have to deactivate your Account. This doesn't delete any of your data— it'll still be lurking on Meta's servers, ready to be indexed. But at least it won't be publicly available, your profile will cease to appear in search results, and you won't be taggable in conversations. You can recover your Account anytime you wish, simply by logging back in. Then, one day, when Threads adds the option actually to delete your profile, you can come back to deal the fatal blow.

To deactivate, tap the Menu button from the profile, and go to Account> Deactivate Profile> Deactivate Threads profile.

If you are ready to nuke your Instagram profile too

You can eliminate your entire Instagram profile if you just can't deal with Meta anymore. Then, the company will be forced to delete all your data from its servers, purging it from public records as well.

Go to Settings> Accounts Center> Personal Details> Account Ownership and Control> Deactivation or Deletion in the Instagram app. Here, choose the Account you want to delete, click Delete Account, and then click Continue.

If you use Instagram on the web, use their Delete Your Account page to get started.

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