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Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraThe Galaxy S24 series review

Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraThe Galaxy S24 series review about launch, features, camera, etc.

 Large camera on the Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraThe Galaxy S24 series from Samsung would have two models instead of the expected three in Q1 2024. The Korean conglomerate allegedly dropped the Galaxy S24+. The S24 series will include vanilla, Plus, and Ultra models, just like the S23 lineup, according to a recent revelation.

The claim is made by SamMobile and GalaxyClub, who also assert that Samsung codenames the Galaxy S24 series as "Muse" and that the smartphones' names are Muse 1 through 3 and imply that a Plus version will be included in the lineup.

Given that the Ultra variant has been a mainstay of Galaxy S launches ever since the galaxy S20, the likelihood that there will be three models is not surprising.

A 5x optical zoom, according to two sources, is on the way.

a black-and-white rendering of the Galaxy S24 Ultra's front and back

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series isn't anticipated until the beginning of 2024, despite the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3's potential early arrival. However, the phone will be available in three sizes and significantly improve the Galaxy S24 Ultra model, according to a joint announcement from SamMobile and Galaxy Club.

Samsung galaxy S24 Ultra photo

Dimensions of Galaxy S24 in millimeters:- 

  • Length:                    164.2 mm
  • Width:                       74.5 mm
  • Thickness:                   7.9 mm
  • weight                     198 grams

Colors of Galaxy S24 






Back windshield of Galaxy S24,

Front windshield of Galaxy S24

However, the websites have discovered proof that the S24 Ultra is codenamed Muse3, indicating the existence of two other S-24s, most likely the vanilla version of the product.

Fans of the Plus are relieved because a report from January suggested Samsung was considering removing it from its flagship lineup in 2024.

Recent internal names include "Hubble"( S20), "Unbound"( 21), "Rain"( 122), and Diamond( 23) for those who like to read things into device codenames and speculate as to what "Muse" might hint at.

How is the Design Samsung Galaxy S24

It's still early days, but the biggest design rumor we've heard so far is that Samsung may be considering dropping its Plus model after the S23 Plus.

According to a report by The Elec, Samsung might be ditching the 6.6- inch version of the S23 due to "polarization in the flagship product market" and the "stagnation of the entire smartphone market".

This means you might be forced to choose between the 6.1- inch display on the Samsung Galaxy S24, and the 6.8- inch screen and leveled-up specs on the S24 Ultra.

A camera upgrade for the Galaxy S24 Ultra is imminent.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's camera review.

We've also encountered a handful of leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's camera.

According to tipster Ice Universe, Samsung could replace the telephoto sensor in the Ultra model with a new solution. The main camera is expected to remain the same.

RGcloudS added to the rumor a month later when they tweeted that the S24 Ultra's zoom capability would significantly improve.

According to the tweet, the phone will feature a "Gen4 optics design" with a more expansive 2.5- 2.9 aperture and the possibility of 150x zoom. A wider aperture could potentially offer better low-light performance, while the addition of 150x zoom would allow users to get even closer to their subjects than Samsung's current 100x Space Zoom camera feature.

We will update this article once more information and rumors become available, so keep this page bookmarked for all of the latest details on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

One specific upgrade that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has received is more important than the variety of devices. According to both websites, this high-end model will receive a 5x optical zoom telephoto lens, likely replacing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra's 10MP, 3x optic zoom.

The new 5x zoom would join the 10x sensor, closing the gap that needed to be filled with digital zoom, assuming the others stay the same.

It appears unlikely that the S23 Ultra's 200MP main sensor will change, maintaining its current position at the top of our list of the best camera phones.

Beyond the yearly Qualcomm chip upgrade, we don't anticipate any significant changes to the Galaxy S family in the coming year. With Samsung steadfastly adhering to its winning formula, even the design appears set to remain the same.

Of course, there's still plenty of time for more leaks to emerge, given we're likely over six months away from go time. Before then, we've got another Galaxy Unpacked event to look forward to next month, where we're fully expecting to see the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Tab S9 make an appearance.

Is S24 ultra coming out?

Galaxy S24 Ultra release date rumors– guide to possible...

Albeit a distant speck on the horizon, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is coming our way. The ultra-premium flagship that will build upon on the superb foundation laid out by the Galaxy S23 Ultra is likely coming to the Android scene in early 2024.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraThe Galaxy S24 series review Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraThe Galaxy S24 series review Reviewed by Admin team on July 06, 2023 Rating: 5


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