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How Can't Create Thread on Instagram?


How Can't Create Thread on Instagram?

Some Instagram users get the error message "Couldn't create thread" when attempting to direct messages or strike up a new conversation.

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Why Does Your Instagram Error "Couldn't Create Thread" Occur?

You can use the appropriate approach without attempting each one if you are aware of the reasons. Let's move on to them then.

The potential causes include-

In a short period of time, you have DMed numerous people.

It's down the server.

You didn't adhere to Instagram's rules.

You're employing a bot.

The error is being caused by temporary glitches.

The cache is full.

The app's file is corrupted.

How To Fix Couldn` T Create Thread Instagram?

If you're facing this issue, here are a few possible fixing methods that may help you get rid of it.

Wait There are certain conditions where you can't do anything except wait. Those are–

Server down

Most platforms experience server- down problems, so if you hear the server is down, don't get worried. It usually happens when the server is updated or when many users use the platform.

To know whether the server is down, you can use

Exceeded the limit

Instagram has given the freedom to message other users, but that, too, has a limit. Exceeding that can flag your account, ultimately leading you not to use the thread feature.

When you send many messages continuously, the algorithm considers you a bot or spam. That's why it restricts your activity.

Glitch on Instagram's side

Temporary glitches also mess up the functioning of the app. Sometimes, these get solved by running the app, re- logging in and doing other things. But sometimes, they don't. So, in that case, you also need to wait for some time.

Stop using a bot

Instagram hates accounts that use bots or third- party apps to perform actions on their Instagram account. So if you also do that, stop it asap.

In case of Glitches

We all are very well aware that bugs and temporary glitches never allow the app to work properly. But there are some solutions to those glitches. The following are those–

Turn off VPN

Hiding your location is never the right thing to do. If Instagram suspects it, it starts causing you problems. Often it restricts people from using a particular feature.

Have you turned it on for any reason? If so, turn it off and see if you can create threads.

Go to

Issues caused by bugs are often encountered on the app only. That's why you are suggested to try the web version of the platform.

Although, the interface of the website is not as good as the app's. But you can try using it to get rid of the "couldn't create thread" error.


Are you encountering different glitches frequently? If yes, you should consider reinstalling the app. Sometimes, the app's file gets corrupted while you download it. So, in that case, it is best to reinstall the app.

Clear Cache

A corrupted or full cache is never a good thing. It may interfere with the functioning of the app. And now, too, there are chances that it is the reason behind the "couldn't create thread" message. So clear it. Need help in doing so? Here's the guide–

Open settings> search for Instagram> tap on it> click on storage and cache.

Lastly, tap on clear cache.

clear the cache of instagram

Reopen the app

Reopening the app is also considered an effective method to eliminate temporary issues. It helps solve the bugs and glitches that are not good for the smooth functioning of the app.

You just need to close it> remove it from the open tabs> open it.

the app should be updated

Instagram releases updates as soon as it discovers a bug or glitch on the platform. Therefore, only use the updated version if there is a chance that the bug that has been fixed will cause you to experience an error.

Open the Google Play or App Store, visit Instagram, and, if there is an update option, click it.

If an update option is available, click it.

Additionally, there is another reason why Instagram won't let you create threads if you're already using the updated version.

if your internet connection is sluggish

The proper operation of the app is always hampered by a shaky or unstable internet connection. Therefore, see if your internet is unstable. To find out, use any of the Google speed testers.

What can you do if your internet connection is weak? There are three strategies that have, in many instances, helped to stabilize the internet. These are the following:

1. The first and most popular trick put forth by people is to switch the network between mobile data and wi-fi. Simply switch to a different kind of connection. For instance, if you use mobile data, disable it before turning on the WiFi and having fun.

2. Utilize airplane mode:-

You can use it in this manner:

Turn off whichever type of connection you are using.

Turn on aeroplane mode.

Wait for a while.

Turn it off.

Connect your device to the internet( turn on wi- fi or mobile data).

3. Switch off your device:- This method takes a bit of your time, but if the previous two methods aren't helping in stabilising the connection, you can use it. Switch off your device> switch it on after a few seconds.

Get in touch with the support team

There are high chances that you don't have to use this method. The above- mentioned fixes usually work. But if they don't, you can reach out to the Instagram help desk. They help users to get rid of errors like this.

Curious to know how you can contact them?

Open Instagram.

Go to the profile section and then to settings.

Flick on help.

how to take help from instagram

Tap on "report a problem".

how to Contact the Instagram support team

Explain that you are facing a "couldn't create threads" error and ask for help.

How Can Your Prevent The Error Of "Couldn` T Create Thread"?

Prevention is always better than cure. What if you encounter the same issue again and again? Won't it be frustrating? Just follow the prevention method, which will help you avoid the error from popping up.

Follow Instagram guidelines

Instagram has set some guidelines that every user has to follow. If you don't know about them, just go through them properly and try your best to follow them.

Whenever users don't follow the guidelines, Instagram punishes them by restricting their actions. So make sure you follow.

Avoid automation and bots

Instagram doesn't accept bots. So if it detects any user using them to perform actions on the platform, it restricts them.

Stop sending the same messages to everyone

If users send the same messages to everyone at a faster rate, the platform considers them a bot account. It increases the probability of you getting blocked from using the Dm service.

Apart from these, make sure to have a stable internet connection, updated app and clear cache.

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